Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thank You to "Followers"

I've noticed that this blog has picked up a tiny handful of "followers." Thanks guys! I need to figure out how this new feature works, but as you may have guessed from the scarcity of posts, I'm suffering from a scarcity of time. There doesn't seem to be an obvious button for "following the follower," which seems to me like an obvious feature to have.

Anyway, thank you!


Tez Miller said...

Yep, I subscribe via GoogleReader :-)

Have a lovely day! :-)


TK42ONE said...

I'm a follower, just not a frequent commenter. So keep plugging away, I think we all go through lulls periodically. Just give it time and you'll get back in the swing of things.

S.M.D. said...

I have no idea what the new feature is either. I've just seen one of the blogs I post for get a bunch of followers *shrugs*

Mulluane said...

If you have the option (they are rolling it out, mine just showed up last week) it will be on your dashboard. It works as a reader on the dashboard too!

You can put the Followers gadget on your side bar, just like any other page element for YOUR followers to use but in order to follow blogs yourself you use the dashboard feature to add blogs by URL.

If you don't have the option active yet just keep watching for it, you'll get it eventually.

L.C.McCabe said...

It is a new feature by Blogger.

Who knows if it'll become a popular feature or not.

I noticed a mention of "following" recently when I signed in and decided to upload the widget onto my blog.

I looked over this blog's home page and did not see that widget for followers, nor my picture.

On my blog, so far I have only one announced "follower" but if you click on the picture it will take you to the blogger profile, similar to if you click on a hotlink in the comment trail. So the idea of "following the follower" feature does look like it is covered by Blogger. That is if you install the widget.

Here's a link from Blogger that hopefully will answer any other questions you have.


Tia Nevitt said...

Ok, I installed the widget, and damn! You can't do much with it. I'm going to have to upload some sort of graphic into my profile now. I wish they'd let you customize it so you can just use the profile name. Maybe I can hack it.

L.C.McCabe said...


Good luck with your quest in customizing their code to create something that is more aesthetically pleasing.

I'm glad that my comment helped you figure out how to make the followers show up on your blog for others to see.

And thanks for returning the favor and becoming a follower of my blog.

Rock on!