Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SEABORN - A Bit of a Curve Ball

Yay! Blogger finally provides an image widget that actually has a built-in link! No more having to make them myself! Therefore, you will see more Featured Debuts around here. Yes, I'm a bit lazy, sometimes. I know perfectly well how to code in HTML; I'm just hate doing it. That's why this blog doesn't have three columns, much as I'd love them.

On to SEABORN. I'm enjoying it very much, and just finished with chapter 14 out of 38. The chapters on Corina, the poor girl who got taken over by the sorcerer Aleximor, have been action-packed and riveting. Things are a bit slower with Kassandra, who is rather languidly moving toward her goal of taking on her grandfather.

Howard introduces some wonderfully unique concepts here, such as the bleed, which is a way of passing magical power from one generation to another. I don't want to give any of it away, but I loved the idea. Also, Kassandra is the Wreath-Wearer, which I'm terribly curious about, and the details are being fed to the reader at a great hungry-for-more pace.

Until I got to just past 1/3rd of the way through, I had nothing to complain about. That's when I got slammed with an unexpected gross-out scene. This shady character showed up and was going to do something truly dispicable. However, we hardly got a chance to begin to hate him when he is dealt way in a horrific manner that nothing in the previous chapters prepared me for. It would be as out-of-place as dislocated eyeballs would be in Willow. You know, Willow had some gross scenes. But nothing like displaced eyeballs. And you don't even what to know what happens to those displaced eyeballs. Or maybe you do, if you like that sort of thing.

Happily, the next chapter is where we finally got to meet the Seaborn historian, Michael Henderson!


Raven said...

Borders doesn't have this book on the shelf, although B&N does. Sadly, the gift card I wanted to use is for Borders. :(

Tia Nevitt said...

Get Black Ships. I want to get that one next.

Thea said...

Wow, interesting--I think you just sold me on this book with the displaced eyeballs!!!

Oh, and based on your debut news a while back, I have Black Ships sitting patiently on my bookshelf--I can't wait to get started on it :)

nholzner said...

This does sound like fun, eyeballs and all. :-)