Sunday, September 7, 2008

I Need Help

Well, the summer lull is just about over and my debut calendar is filling up. As you can tell from the post below this one, I try to be very thorough about my Debut Showcases. In order to get wind of these debuts, I have to do quite a bit of work:

  • Comb publisher lists
  • Comb other blogs
  • Schmooze authors on bulletin boards
  • Subscribe to every publisher newsletter in existence
As you can imagine, this takes a lot of time, and time is a precious commodity with me. I really enjoy my Debut Showcase feature, but in order to continue it, I need a bit of help.

An obvious solution is to have authors, editors and publicists let me know about their debuts. After all, they are the ones who want to get the news out there. Therefore, I've put up a post with a form that requests certain information. It's available there at the top of the sidebar. Please be aware that I'm extremely selective in what I announce.

If you know someone who is coming out with a debut, please help them by helping me. I'll be able to announce their debut quicker, and I may even have time to read their book!


nholzner said...

I hope you're still looking for help in January 2010, when my debut fantasy novel is scheduled to hit the shelves. (Seems an awfully long time from now!)

In the meantime, I'll keep enjoying your take on the books you read. :-)

Nancy Holzner

Tia Nevitt said...

If you know a release date, then I may as well put it on my calendar. Send it on!

And I'll try to get to some ACTUAL REVIEWS this week. Maybe I ought to put up a post about my current time-draining project.

Mulluane said...

Anything I can do to help Tia let me know. Unfortunately time is something I have alot of.

Tia Nevitt said...

Wow; what a great offer! Thanks!

(Gosh, I hope this post didn't come across as whiny.)

Mulluane said...

Nah, it just sounds like you are wonderfully busy.

Me, I'm thinking of taking up fencing. Then when the bill collectors call I can challenge them to a duel!

Ok, I can dream right?

Tia Nevitt said...

Ooh, that sounds like so much fun! Lisa Shearin is a fencer. Have you read her books?

SciFiGuy said...

Don't suppose you have a list posted somewhere of what you already know is coming so we can check it out and
just add to your list for you . . .

Tia Nevitt said...

I have a Google Calendar. I've tried putting a version on my blog, but it didn't work out very well. I'll see if they made any improvements to it in the last six months.

Mulluane said...

Sigh, so many good writers, so little money....grumbles as she goes to add Lisa Shearin to her ever growing Amazon wish list.....

debbsmith said...

How do I contact you? I have three debut fantasy authors -- two YA and one adult -- and I'd love to send you review copies. Thanks!
Deb Smith
Bell Bridge Books