Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Debut Showcase: Touch of Fire

Touch of Fire
by Maria Zannni (website, blog)
Samhain Publishing
E-book (print release in December)


Between mage and man lies fire.

Leda has been ordered by the House of Ilia to use her fae gifts to find an alchemist’s bible, no matter what the cost. In a world where technology has been replaced by Elemental magic, this book is more dangerous than any spell or potion.

A ragged scrap of parchment is Leda’s only clue and it leads her to the last man known to have had the book—a savagely handsome ex-soldier turned scavenger. Greyhawke Tams. He’ll serve her needs nicely, in both her quest, and her bed.

The last thing Grey remembers is a bar brawl leaving him flat on his face. When he awakes, his situation hasn’t improved. He’s been bound in service to a contemptuous little fire mage with luscious curves and a deceptively innocent face. Grey’s not fooled—he’s hated the Elementals ever since he lost his younger brother to their brutal rites of passage.

But something about Leda tangles his brain faster than any woman he’s ever known. And soon it becomes clear she needs more than his “services”. A barbarous overlord wants that book and he’s willing to shatter Leda—body and spirit—to get it.

She needs his protection. Whether she wants it or not.

Maria is a longtime commenter here at Fantasy Debut, and I was delighted to showcase her novel. Despite the saucy cover, she assures me that this is not erotica, but it is quite sensual. (Yes! There is a difference!) I read the excerpt and it sounds quite good. I get to read the whole thing in December. Maybe I should break down and get an e-book reader.


Carole McDonnell said...

The book sounds good but dang! that guy on the cover is gorgeous. I swear! Sometimes the covers of novels are so beautiful I want to collect them all. Still swooning over yesterdays absolutely gorgeous cover.

Tia Nevitt said...

I thought that this cover was really well done. The cover from yesterday has an even cuter picture on the back of the book, where the twins are peeking from behind transparent curtains. I'll try to find a photo to post for the next installation, or I'll take a picture myself.

Chris, The Book Swede said...

I nearly broke down and bought an e-book reader, but my bank manager broke down at the thought! They cost a fortune -- at least in the UK :)

The Book Swede

Kimber Li said...

I just received an electronic book from a Samhain author to read on my computer and review on Enduring Romance. I definitely prefer print, but I take electronic ones too. I think it would be much more pleasant to read them on eBook Readers like God intended. I don't know why, but computer screens are so irritating to my senses.

Anyway, the book is a Historical- OUT OF THE DARK by JoAnn Smith Ainsley - and its cover is stunning as well.

Tia Nevitt said...

Chris, they're expensive here as well, which is why I don't have one. Too bad my blog doesn't have enough clout for Amazon to send me a Kindle!

Kimber, I can't take electronic ARCs. I have two hours of free time a night, and I have to get most of my computer time in during that time, plus I like to spend time with the hubby. All my reading has to take place off the computer.

Kimber Li said...

Tia, I soooo understand.