Friday, September 4, 2009

In Which Tia Loses All Decorum *

Today, I got two new things. One was a wide-screen monitor, which replaced the old-fashioned CRT monitor that died last night.

Ho hum.

The other was a package from Random House/Doubleday. Which I opened eagerly, to glimpse a book within. Which I eagerly ripped out of the package. Which, upon beholding the cover, I shrieked a most girlish, "Yay!" I do believe my feet even left the ground. Keep in mind that I am a matronly 43 years old.

My husband said something like, "Damn, you're more excited about that book than your new monitor." Well, of course. A monitor is useful, to be sure, but an anticipated novel is nothing but pure joy.

Which book could have caused such excitement?

Yes, it's The Other Lands by David Anthony Durham! Possibly the most eagerly awaited sequel for me since I started Fantasy Debut. Why am I so ridiculously excited about this novel? Well, for one, I had to wait for it for two years. Good things take time. And for another, in the past two years, it kind of grew on me in my memory. I liked it when I read it (link opens multiple posts), but as time went by, rather than forgetting it, I liked it even more. Plus, it's a major epic fantasy, the first one I covered at FD. I love epic fantasies, particularly when the author promises fewer than five novels in the series.

I also flatter myself into thinking that I helped discover the author as a fantasy novelist. A fantasy novelist, I might add, who went on to win the John W. Campbell Award this year.

Check out the shiny things that happen to the cover when you hold it just right to the light:

I'll be happily tweeting this novel as I read it using the hashtag #TheOtherLands. Since it comes out on the 15th, I should be able to have a review up on that day, barring life-changing emergencies.

* With apologizes to Colleen Lindsay of The Swivet, for my blatant theft of her signature verbiage.


Empress Awesome said...

How did you help discover the author? Because you did so many posts about his book? That's actually really awesome! I sorta wanna go out and read it now.

Kimber An said...

As a fellow blogging book reviewer, I totally understand. I had my 'SQQUUEEEE!' moment last night when a gorgeous hardback copy of CLEOPATRA'S DAUGHTER by Michelle Moran arrived in the mail. Not a paper ARC, mind you. A hardback! Oooh, I felt tingly all over.

ediFanoB said...

I read Acacia and liked it a lot. I look forward to read The Other Lands.
Only the title is a bit confusing because it is the cover of the German paperback edition of Acacia.

Tia Nevitt said...

Empress, I guess "discover" isn't the best word. But I did blog about Acacia immediately after it came out.

Kimber, the novelty of cardboard ARCs quickly wears off, doesn't it? I swear they are meant for only one reading.

Yes, Doubleday procured the German artwork. I remember when David first showcased the German cover on his blog; I thought it was awesome. Maybe we will pilfer . . . er, purchase . . . the next German cover as well!

Kat @ FanLit said...

I got a box full of 5 books from EgmontUSA yesterday -- so much fun to open!

Kate Sheeran said...

Ohhh I can't wait to read it!!

Tia Nevitt said...

There's nothing like a good book!