Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This and That

Special thanks are due to Graeme Flory for naming this blog as one of his favorites in an interview with Mark Thwaite of The Book Depository. Thanks, Graeme! I'm flattered!

Sick again. This keeps happening, darn it. I'm comforting myself with Matters of the Blood, which is getting better with each page I turn.

I'm noticing that I've put myself on a bit of a schedule. I tend to do guest posts on Thursdays, because that's my best night for web traffic, and I want to give my guests the best traffic that I can muster up. For that reason, my next "One Year Later" guest post will be up tomorrow. Which means I'll be writing my part and setting it all up tonight, if I can manage to stay up. (I just took a TheraFlu, and it will probably kick in in oh, about fifteen minutes from now.)

Anyway. About my schedule. Wednesdays I sometimes do "editorials". If I post anything at all on on Saturday, I try to leave it up as the top post until Sunday evening, because web traffic is lighter on Saturday, with a surge back toward normal on Sunday. I tend to do shout-outs as my weekend posts. On Mondays, I do Debut Showcases, and on Friday as well, if I have more than one to showcase in a week. This hasn't happened lately, but things might get crazy again next spring. For the rest of the week, I do my reviews and review segments.

If I post more than one post a day, I try to have one fat post and one skinny post, with the skinny one on top. This is because the headline for the fat post will show without scrolling, thus tempting you (I hope) to read the fat post.

So that makes my schedule something like this:

  • Sunday Evening: Review segments
  • Monday: Showcases
  • Tuesday: Review segments
  • Wednesday: Editorials/Rambles
  • Thursday: Guest Posts
  • Friday: Showcases/Review segments
  • Saturday Morning: Shout-outs
Will I make this schedule official? Probably not. I hate to be tied down. But it makes me at least fairly predictable. I'm not sure if that's a good thing, so I'll probably mix it up from time to time.

Anyway, be sure to check in tomorrow for my next One Year Later installment.


Mulluane said...

You predictable? NEVER! Well, almost never, ok, maybe sometimes, but don't make it a habit!

Tia Nevitt said...

Thanks! I think!

ediFanoB said...

Get well soon!