Sunday, October 5, 2008

I love Your Blog Award

Wow. I've never been nominated for one of those pass-around blog appreciation awards. Until now. The Book Smugglers, Darque Reviews and SciFiGuy all nominated me in the past few days. Thank you so much!

Now's the hard part. Deciding who to award it to next. I'm supposed to award it to at least seven others. In the interest of spreading the love, I'm not going to nominate any blog that appeared in the above lists, although a few certainly deserve re-nominations! Some of these may be unknown to you, because they are personal blogs. Here are just a few of the blogs that I love to read.

Kristophrenia. I've been following Kristin's blog for almost two years now. This is a personal blog. Her posts are very funny. Pay attention to those footnotes! She posts once or twice a week on writing and on life.
Star Captain's Daughter. My husband and I both read this blog. Kimber An is very funny and she always has apt pictures on her blog posts. She blogs in writing, living in Alaska, and being a mom.
Katie Lovett. Superwench runs the last of the personal blogs that I'm nominating today. Katie writes about writing, popular culture, and the world of science fiction and fantasy.
Dragons, Heroes and Wizards. Ok, so I've mentioned this site before. Mulluane reviews entire series at a time, and she and I have such similar tastes that it is scary. Oh, and she also helped me with my three-column template. Plus, we're both over 40.
The Book Swede. What can I say? Chris runs a great blog and he, like me, plays the piano. We occasionally shoot emails about what we are trying to learn. You never know what to expect when you visit Chris's blog.
Grasping for the Wind. Home of "Ask the Blogger" and lots of reviews, news and insightful articles. Every time he recommends an article, I know it's going to be something interesting.
The Fantasy Cafe. This beautiful blog is the creation of Kristen, who also seems to have tastes that run similar to mine. Now if I can just make my blog as pretty as hers.

I love your blogs!


Mulluane said...

Blushes profusely!

Kristen said...

Thanks Tia! I love your blog too!

Heather said...

Congratulations, Tia!

Anonymous said...

Aww! Thanks so much! And I love your blog, too!

Grasping for the Wind said...

Thank you

Kimber An said...

You sweetie pie!

Kristin B said...

Aww! I just noticed this.* I'm so flattered. Thank you!

*Okay, I'm slow. We all know this. Moving on...