Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Chatter

The giveaway for The Warded Man ends tomorrow. If I don't close it out in the morning, you'll have until the evening to get your entries in. So if I oversleep, it's to your benefit.

I've had so many entries for these contests that Fantasy Debut is now officially costing me money. (Besides in book purchases.) My little contest entry forms come from JotForm, a very cool form service. Since I had over 100 entries this month, I had to fess up nine dollars for their premium service. I can do forms using html, but what a drag. I'd rather pay someone to format the emails nicely. Besides, it will also handle uploads, so I'm tempted to make a form for my Discovery Showcases. I'll probably continue the premium service next month because I have at least two more giveaways scheduled for July.

I've been Dared by the Book Smugglers, and my library copy is due in two weekends. Their book of choice has been something of a struggle for me, but that's why they call it a Dare. We'll see how it goes. In the meantime, I dared them right back with one of my favorite novels of all time, one you've seen me mention here quite a bit. I'm curious about what they'll think of it.

Speaking of the Book Smugglers, Raven and I have decided to shamelessly copy them and do a joint review. I hope this is ok with Ana and Thea; they will get full apologizies and a link. Now I just need to get with the author and snag us some advance copies.

Since I'm spending money already on this blog, I'm thinking about going even further and asking Ana and Thea who did their artwork. Whoever it is, it looks a lot like the style over at Mystery Robin as well. I'd love to have a skinny little waif represent me at the heading of my blog. I'm not sure what the waif would be doing. Besides reading, that is. Perhaps reclining on a classy chaise lounge, sipping champaigne?

And as long as I'm spending money, a subscription to Publisher's Marketplace would be just peachy.


Angiegirl said...

Lol. I like the random chatter, Tia. Looking forward to your BS dare and a possible new look!

Tia Nevitt said...

Thanks Angie!

I didn't get up in time to close out the contest, so it goes on until this evening!

Maria said...

I LOVE the booksmugglers. They have great reviews and besides that they are hilarious.

If you find out who did the artwork, please post about it. I really admire it--they didn't use to have it (I wouldn't say it is new, but it's not the original.) It is the perfect art for their site--really captures the feel of who they are.

I like the dare stuff too--and you're right some of the books sound HARD to read!!!

Ana said...

Tia, thanks for the shout out!

The person who did our blog was a lady who runs So Chic Design. Here is the link: http://sochicdesign.com/

You can send her an email asking for a quote and telling her what you need. We told her that we wanted the two smuggling ladies, a brunette and a blonde and voila she came up with the header.

BUT I don't know if she is working anymore. Check out what she says in the front page. :(

Maria, thank you , very kind of you. You are right: we started with a blogger template and then changed to the new one back in January.

Thea said...

I cannot wait to see what you think of the dreaded Dare Book! And thanks for the shoutout, I'm actually really looking forward to our counter-dare read :)

As for our artwork, Ana's said it all. Thank you Maria for the kind words, and I'm so glad you think the art reflects our "style"! SoChicDesign did a fabulous job with our site, and I have no complaints!

Tia, you might want to check into Moxie Design Studios, they have some great layouts...

Or if you are artistically/html inclined, you can purchase the art directly via istockphoto.com, which is what Ana and I did for our original blogger layout. (At the very least you can look around and if you find a piece you like, you can contact a designer with a specific theme in mind)

If you ever need any help/advice, you can email Ana and I, we went through a whole long process switching over to our new template and are happy to help :)

Looking forward to the joint review with you and Raven! I love both of your reviews, so I'm excited to see what you guys do :)