Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Some Blogrolling Thank Yous

The following websites and blogs have popped up in my Technorati authority listing lately:

  • The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum - This blog is by young adult writer Courtney Allison. She has been blogging since March, and writes about writing, her horses and other miscellaneous topics. Some of you YA authors might want to share war stories with her.
  • Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews - Dark Wolf has been blogging since March, and he reviews science fiction, fantasy and horror. He has already attracted review copies and has snagged an interview with the Slush God himself, John Joseph Adams.
  • Hermitwitch's Weblog - Hermitwitch's archives also go back as far as March. Hermitwitch writes short-n-sweet reviews of fantasy and paranormal romance.
  • Janie Harrison - This personal blog is by another writer. I recognize a lot of people in Janie's blogroll, which means I'll probably have a great time exploring those that I don't recognize.
  • Kelly Gay - Kelly is an urban fantasy writer who recently signed on with agent Colleen Lindsay, aka La Gringa of The Swivet. It's about "her adventures (and misadventures) along the path to publication."
  • Meddling Spinster - This is a collection of links of library blogs, book review blogs and other online resources, mostly geared toward librarians.
  • Observations from the Balcony - This is part of Mystery Bookspot, run by Brian Lindenmuth. It's fairly new but so far it has "Forgotten Books" every Friday, Mystery Bookspot updates, and miscellaneous posts.
  • Quilling Time - This blog has the neatest blogroll I've ever seen. Kate is a superfast typist (How on earth do you get to type that fast? I've been typing for over 20 years and I type 70 WPM, tops.) who loves to read and write. Her blog has been quiet for a while, but she always seems to come back.
  • Realms of Speculative Fiction - This is a team review blog. They have an extremely well-organized blog, where they allow you to browse by author or rating (5 point max), plus they have dozens of tags.
  • Take it to the Stars - This is a little writing community run by some of my good friends at The Toasted Scimitar. They've been blogging here for quite a while.
  • The Book Smugglers - Thea and Ana run this blog, where they, "give you straight up reviews, complete with bitchy or gushing opinions . . ." I so want their template! However, I shudder at the thought of recreating all my widgets.
Actually, "lately" is an exaggeration. I have been collecting these since February. If you run one of the above blogs, my apologies for being so long in acknowledging you and thank you!


Thea said...

Thanks for the shoutout! :) Ana and I love your blog and try to keep up to date with all the breaking fantasy news.

And thanks for the props on the layout--you have no idea how long it takes to program some of that html. Guh. I totally understand your reluctance over widget losing/redoing!

ThRiNiDiR said...

I second the first and the second part of theas comment :)

Tia Nevitt said...

Thanks again and you're welcome, both of you!

Aah, the time monster strikes again. For me, it often comes down to a decision. Do I fiddle with html? or do I have any new content in my blog today?

Hence my simple layout.

Kelly Gay said...

Hey, thanks for the nod, Tia! I'm loving the reviews and interviews -- great stuff. I just added Immortal to my TBR pile.

Brian said...

Hi Tia. Thanks.

For any that might be curious Mystery Bookspot is an offshoot of Fantasy Bookspot.

Tia Nevitt said...

Kelly, I'm glad I did the interview, then!

Thanks for clarifying, Brian. You can expect an occasional "genre break" mystery review here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! Your blog is one of my favorites. My TRP has doubled since I discovered your blog. LOL! Great work.

Tia Nevitt said...

Thanks, Janie. My mission here at Fantasy Debut appears to be a success!

Dark Wolf said...

Hi Tia. Sorry for my late response, but I've been away on business. Thank you very much for the mention.
And keep up the good work.