Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Staked by J. F. Lewis

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Eric's got issues. He has short-term and long-term memory problems; he can't remember who he ate for dinner yesterday, much less how he became a vampire in the first place. His best friend, Roger, is souring on the strip club he and Eric own together. And his girlfriend, Tabitha, keeps pressuring him to turn her so she can join him in undeath. It's almost enough to put a Vlad off his appetite. Almost.

Eric tries to solve one problem, only to create another: he turns Tabitha into a vampire, but finds that once he does, his desire for her fades -- and her younger sister, Rachel, sure is cute. And when he kills a werewolf in self-defense, things really get out of hand. Now a pack of born-again lycanthropes is out for holy retribution, while Tabitha and Rachel have their own agendas -- which may or may not include helping Eric stay in one piece.

All Eric wants to do is run his strip club, drink a little blood, and be left alone. Instead, he must survive car crashes, enchanted bullets, sunlight, sex magic, and werewolves on ice -- not to mention his own nasty temper and forgetfulness.

Because being undead isn't easy, but it sure beats the alternative.

There's a longer blurb at the SFWA website that makes this novel look much more intriguing. His one true love is in her 80's and still sticking by him? That's just downright sad. I'm much more interested in her than any sassy girlfriend. John Scalzi featured Lewis on his blog last week, which had to have been a great boost for him.

One of my co-workers has the same name as the author, so I just had to check and see if my co-worker was a clandestine novelist--but apparently there are two of them.


Raven said...

Yeah, I'd be more interested in the 80-year-old girlfriend than some standard sassy girl, too.

Tia Nevitt said...

Methinks "sas" is getting passe?

vadis said...

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CaroleMcDonnell said...

Me too. 80 year old true-loves can be a steadying influence. Sounds good, but almost like a comic novel? Is it really like that or did the blurber go overboard with the snarky witticism? IT isn't a comic novel is it?


Dark Wolf said...

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Chris, The Book Swede said...

Sounds quite funny -- the werewolves on ice bit is almost worth it, but I doubt I'll be getting it :)

Mind you, my urban fantasy reading list has been growing lately, and I might wait until there's an excerpt before deciding!

Jeremy F. Lewis said...

Hi, all!

There is an excerpt available via the Barnes & Noble website and some longer excerpts can be found via Google books.

There was originally an excerpt at on my publisher's website, but it kept populating as the product details on Amazon, so they took it down.

As for whether Staked is a comic novel or not... It has funny moments, but it's definitely not a comedy.

I hope that helps,


Jeremy F. Lewis said...

This comment is well over a year late, but yes, the novel has been called humorous horror by some reviewers. Instead of Diehard with a Vengeance, think Diehard with a Vampire. Eric (the main character) is often the right guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. :)